Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Centerfold shoot of Ahron Villena (Part 3)

From Cosmo.ph (bold; unedited): Ahron is a funny guy at heart, and he infected the Cosmo team with his cheerful nature at his shoot, as you'll see in his outtakes. Find out what he looks for in a girl and his sexiest fantasies in his interview. This is a very light but sexy photoshoot or at least that's how it appeared to me. Maybe because Cosmo is a wholesome page. What I like most are the captions posted on every picture. Ahron Villena is one hot actor.

While you can name a lot of things that are sexy about this guy, as you can see in this picture, Ahron says that what makes him sexy is "my personality. I'm a true person and I'm easy to get along with." 
Ahron is likewise a fun, easy-going guy when he's not in the spotlight. "I usually go out with my friends lang and play billiards, chill sa bar, ganun." 
"Going to the gym actually is my hobby right now," he adds. That hobby sure has paid off! 
When we asked if he's single, he answered, "Single...but taken. I'm dating someone." 
When we asked Ahron what qualities he finds attractive in a girl, he says, "Sa girl na dini-date ko ngayon... She's so sweet and she has a good sense of humor. I'm enjoying her company." 
Peace out! 
He looks like Adam...carrying a lifesaver. 
Ahron warned us not to judge him based on first impressions."Usually, girls' first impressions of me: mayabang ako, presko. But sa kabaligtaran..." 
"...I'm just a simple person who's easy to get along with. I'm true to myself and everyone." 
BJ takes a long shot.

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