Saturday, October 19, 2013

Enchong Dee and Sebastian Castro video scandal

From YouTube: However, unlike the other scandals that have videos to prove their existence, this latest one is still unconfirmed, though, and was just based on a blind item. People started connecting the names of Dee and Castro to the said blind item because Dee has always been rumored to be gay, and Castro has come out as gay last February.

Both young men are hot, though, and people are anticipating to see the rumored video that was said to be 10 seconds long. Castro has no inhibitions in showing his body. He was even seen dancing in white underwear all throughout his Bubble music video. Dee is one of the better actors of his generation, and he has a swimmer built as he used to compete in the sport when he was in college.

Castro denied the existence of a sex video through his Twitter account. "Sorry to disappoint. Im about 90% sure i dont have a sex vid. Unless my ex secretly taped us, in which case someone will die very soon," he posted on Monday.

He also captioned a Bubble screen cap on his Instagram with a message that says he would make sure his porno would get viral if ever he decides to make one. "If i ever did make a porno, it would probably be some hot viral shit with a kick ass song playing in the background. And id probably call it bubble," he said.