Sunday, December 22, 2013

The 25 Most Stylish Men of 2013 [Part 3]

Rappers crossed into the high fashion game. Athletes stepped up their looks off the court. And more actors aced their tux than ever before. 2013 was the year every leading man started dressing like one. Here are the best-dressed gents we saw on every red carpet, big event, and beyond. [From GQ] [Part 1] [Part 2]
15. Henrik Lundqvist 
Move over NBA players, Henrik Lundqvist has proven time and time again that hockey players can dress just as well as the most swagged-out ballers. The Rangers goalkeep knows his way around a trim-tailored suit and skinny sports jacket, always finished off with a skinny tie, and brings the same sleekness to his downtime rigs. What seals it all together is a consistently well-groomed head of hair that obviously hasn't succumbed to the perils of spending most of its time under a helmet.
14. Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean’s style embodies the blurred lines between streetwear and traditional menswear right now: Givenchy skinny suits one minute, a graphic tee, camo pants, and covetable Jordans the next. The musician’s ability to pull off black tie and sportswear with equal ease, and make both feel somehow dressed up, has become his forte on stage and red carpets, along with that signature bandana headband.
13. Victor Cruz
Cruz is undoubtedly the best-dressed man in football (American, that is) and based on how he dressed in 2013, it doesn’t look the Giants wide receiver is letting go of that crown anytime soon. In a sport notorious for its players favoring ill fitting suits, Cruz a beacon of hope in his sharply tailored shoulders. His appreciation for a mix of brands like Calvin Klein Collection, Michael Bastian, and Louis Vuitton has produced a wardrobe big on risky plays, but nary a fumble.
12. Zachary Quinto
Quinto’s an actor whose wardrobe is as varied as his roles on the stage and big screen this year. He channeled sci-fi with one crisp blue suit at the MTV Movie Awards, showed guys everywhere how to pattern mix while promoting Star Trek: Into Darkness around the globe, then turned around and aced black tie dressing with one expertly fitted tuxedo at the Tonys. Most men aren’t able to pull off so many different looks in one year but Spock in real life somehow makes every one seem…logical.
11. Tinie Tempah
The UK's analog to our own dapper rappers, Tempah has a look that fuses the best of Buddy Holly’s geek chic style (see: thick-framed black glasses) with the sartorial know-how of a Savile Row regular and the result is exactly how we’d picture a modern day gentleman to dress. While the rapper might favor tailored Burberry rigs for the red carpet, he’s not afraid to switch things up on stage in a leather tank top, proving he’s got all the swagger of a Brit dandy without any of the schlock.

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